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Slab vs Crawl Space

Slab vs Crawl Space

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.Slab vs Crawl Space

Slab vs Crawl SpaceSlab vs Crawl Space – Keeping your home protected from water damage doesn’t just apply to houses with basements or crawl spaces. Water can cause damage to homes with slab foundations too. Comparing slab vs crawl space waterproofing options can give you an idea of what needs to be handled for each condition.

Slab Foundation Vulnerabilities

There are several benefits to having a slab foundation under your home. This step is quick as long as they do prep work in advance. Pouring cement for a slab can be in a single day, and the whole process can often be finished in just a few days. Mildew, mold, and rodents aren’t a problem due to eliminating open space, which can also lower your utility bill.

Slab foundations typically hold the plumbing, electrical HVAC ducts, and other systems, which keeps them protected. However, this means there could be a problem if moisture gets into this area. Water can quickly block HVAC ducts, and excess moisture can create havoc with your electrical system. Mold and mildew are other challenges that might appear if you’ve got any gaps forming in your slab foundation.

Waterproofing a Slab Foundation

Waterproofing a slab vs crawl space is best done when the foundation is being built. Installing an interior drainage system involves using pipes and drainage tiles, which are utilized below the foundation. Water is forced to flow through the drainage tiles to pipes that move the water away from the area or to a sump pump.

If a slab is already built, using exterior waterproofing is usually the best choice. However, this method can also be utilized when a slab is initially being constructed. Using it can help ensure that water stays out of your foundation. Applying a waterproofing membrane to your foundation’s exterior acts as a barrier and helps keep water from entering. Using it on the entire side of your foundation is completed to ensure that all forms of moisture are stopped and diverted towards the soil.

Keeping a slab foundation dry can be done by using an exterior drainage system as well. Similar to the interior system, a drainage pipe is buried below the foundation. Incoming water diverts into a pipe and flows away from your foundation. Be sure to contact us today if you have any questions about your slab foundation and waterproofing.

Using a Crawl Space

Having a crawl space foundation is a choice several homeowners decide to make due to several reasons. It can provide easy access to the ductwork, piping, and wiring in your home. Getting to these areas is usually easier when in comparison to a slab foundation. It can also be less expensive than putting in a full basement. However, you must make sure that the area is protected from moisture. Otherwise, the structural integrity of your foundation could become compromised.

Waterproofing a Crawl Space

Providing a solution for waterproofing a crawl space can come in many different forms. Typically, it’s best to figure out if any problems need to be addressed first. Checking the downspouts for pooling or leaks and the grading around your property should help identify any significant issues. Examining the crawl space walls and looking for cracks to fill is another step to take.

Finding the cause of any problems should help you eliminate water flow or dampness in the future. Installing a sump pump may be an excellent choice as it is to keep your basement dry by handling large volumes of water. Accumulating even a few inches can cause damage if it isn’t fully removed from the area. Having a sump pump working can reduce the threat of damage as it helps divert water away from your home.

Trenching around the perimeter can also be to divert water away from the exterior of your property. Using a corrugated drain pipe can help ensure that water is removed efficiently. Filling the trenches with materials, such as lava rock, should help safeguard against clogging.

Vapor Berrier

Another difference in waterproofing a slab vs crawl space includes using a vapor barrier. Utilizing encapsulation and a humidifier can help make sure your basement stays free from moisture. It can also be advantageous in keeping a steady temperature that results in a lower utility bill.

Coming up with a reliable waterproofing solution for your crawl space or slab foundation is efficient by getting professional assistance from one of our great technicians. Lastly, we have experience with water leaks and moisture problems and would be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding your North or South Carolina property.