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5 Top Signs That Indicate You May Have A Water Leak

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A Water Leak can spell trouble if they aren’t remedied as fast as possible. If you notice any conditions that suggest the presence of a leak in your home, it’s best if you can identify the source of the leak and have it repaired. Also, here are some common signs:
Stained Drywall If you have a finished basement, inspect your drywall to see if there are any stains or discolored areas. These unsightly marks may indicate that there is a leak on the other side. Also, if you notice that the stained area starts to increase in size, it’s probably a good bet that there is a definite problem. With this type of situation, it’s highly likely that it will only get worse. The leak will need to be stopped.Moldy Odors 

If there are any type of musty odors emanating from your basement, it may indicate a water leak. Also, to find the source, you will need to put on your detective badge and do some investigating. Often, mold will start growing in areas that are excessively moist. If you find any mold growing in dark corners of your basement, it’s important to take steps that will remove the mold and stop it from growing.

Concrete That Is Cracking 

Cured concrete can form tiny imperfections on its surface over time. However, if you see any visible cracks and wetness in the same area, it may mean that you have a bigger problem to deal with. Water has a keen way of finding very small cracks, moving through them and making those cracks bigger. Over time, small, tiny cracks can turn into large fissures.

Blistering Or Bubble Concrete 

Typically, contractors will use rebar inside of concrete to help provide extra support. If water gets into that area, it can start to rust the rebar. This can make the surface of the concrete start to look discolored. It may even develop a blistered or bubbly type of appearance. When this occurs, it’s known as “concrete cancer,” and it must be repaired.

Soggy Soil Around The Exterior Of A Basement

Heavy rains will make the soil around the exterior of your home wetter than usual. However, if this area stays waterlogged and soggy for an extended period of time. It could start to cause problems with your foundation and other external structures on your home. There may be many reasons for this type of problem. it could be due to your downspout and gutter system or a yard drainage problem. In some cases, it may be a broken sprinkler system. Regardless of the problem, it needs to be corrected before causing any damage.

If you are ever alerted to any of these signs of a potential water leak, do your best to remedy the situation. If you ever run into any type of difficulty finding a solution, you may want to contact a professional. Also, they have experience with this type of challenge and can offer suggestions on solutions that will help waterproof the area.

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