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Moisture & vapor barrier system

Crawl spaces can be an intimidating place for home owners. Typically, crawl spaces are disgusting and musty areas due to accumulated dirt, mold and debris. In some cases, these areas are structurally compromised due to flooding, rotting structural damage, pests, dead rodents and animal fecal matter. There are not many home owners who are excited about their home’s crawl space.

Vapor Barrier Systems

Fox Hill Construction is dedicated to helping you create a safer and more secure crawl space. To accomplish this, we install our Moisture and Vapor Barrier System. The Moisture and Vapor Barrier System will limit the moisture and humidity entering your crawl space from outside and turn your crawl space into a clean, dry and safe space beneath your home.

There are a few steps we take when installing the Moisture and Vapor Barrier System:

1. We begin by installing airtight vent covers and doors. This sealing prevents the flow of moisture, cold and humidity that enters in from outside air.

2. Next, we remove standing water sources. To stop ongoing flooding, the source of the water must be discovered and eliminated. We will install a sump pump and drain into the crawl space area which will eliminate standing water.

3. Fox Hill Construction will then repair the structure of the crawl space. If this area is damaged or destroyed by mold, is sagging or rotted, then it is necessary that we must install support jacks to restore the structure of the crawl space. This action will help with uneven floors or structural sagging affecting the rest of the home.

4. Water vapor can pass through your floor and porous concrete walls. To prevent this, a crawl space liner will need to be installed to encapsulate and enclose the crawl space area. This liner will allow you to use the crawl space as an additional storage area. We will also install insulation on your walls and floors.

5. Once all other bases are covered, we will install an energy efficient dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air and keep the area dry. This will ensure that your home is safe from mildew, mold and dust mites permanently.

Benefits of Crawl Space Moisture and Vapor Protection:

Pests like cockroaches, ants, crickets, termites and many others need a moisture rich environment to survive. Installing the Moisture and Vapor Barrier System makes your crawl space an uncomfortable living environment for these pests along with mice and rats.

Through sealing your crawl space, you will prevent the growth of mold spores that can be damaging to the health of your family. Mold needs moisture to flourish. The Moisture and Vapor Barrier System will eliminate the majority of the moisture that travels into your crawl space making the area significantly drier. Mold will no longer be able to incubate in the arid conditions.

Installing the Moisture and Vapor Barrier System will reduce disgusting odors and debris accumulation. This system will seal the crawl space from outside elements entering this part of your home. In doing so, you will not have the unpleasant experience of attracting dirt and water from outside that settles and makes its home in your crawl space.

Sealing your crawl space will reduce the amount of heat in the summer and cold in the winter that will flow through your basement. You will be able to mitigate the rising costs of utilities that usually spike during these seasons as a result of having to compensate for extreme temperatures.

A sealed crawl space will provide additional storage area for you overflow items. No longer will the crawl space be an area that you avoid because of its dank, dark mustiness. Once dried out and cleaned up, you will have a secure place to keep your overflow of items which will give the area an added functionality.

Installation Time
The process of installation is quick and easy, usually taking less than a day to complete. At Fox Hill Construction, we are fast and efficient making sure that you have an ideal crawl space in little time.

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Contact Fox Hill Construction today to get a quote on the Moisture and Vapor Barrier System. We are truly committed to helping you and your family create a safe and secure crawl space area that is free from flooding, debris, mold, excess moisture and pests. A clean and secure crawl space will add amazing benefits to your home increasing its usefulness and practicality. Instead of being simply a graveyard for rodent carcasses and a breeding ground for insects, you can utilize that area as an efficient storage area. Fox Hill Construction is happy to help you achieve a dry, clean and comfortable crawl space!