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At Fox Hill Construction, we are committed to helping you create optimal conditions for your home. We sell state-of-the-art crawl space humidifiers designed to provide the healthiest air quality for your home. If you have humidity problems compromising the air quality in your home, we can match your dehumidification needs to our line of products. For over 50 years, we have been matching crawl space dehumidifiers to households. We develop dehumidifiers especially made for your household needs, promoting healthy indoor air quality. 

Our team of engineers work together collaboratively to design and construct the ideal model solution especially for your household. We start with gathering valuable insights and applying our first-hand knowledge when designing the model. After modifications are made, the prototyping process begins. The prototypes at Fox Hill Construction undergo extensive testing and evaluation before the production process begins. All aspects of the design are tested, including noise level or ease of use. 

One the production stage begins, the crawl space dehumidifier is manufactured. Additional testing is required in the final stages. The entire testing and evaluation process lasts two days and testing efforts are led by technicians. Once the final series of testing is completed, the product is included in the inventory.

Once the dehumidifier was sold and installed, we provide additional product support to the distributors and homeowners as needed. We provide comprehensive dealer training to technical support teams. Ongoing training is provided long after the unit has been purchased and installed in the person’s home. 

Why do you need a dehumidifier?

Excessive humidity levels affect moisture levels throughout the home. This creates damp conditions in the home. The moisture levels create an environment conducive to mold growth. Mold invasion in the crawl space can become problematic for the household. The mold spores are circulated throughout the home and can attach themselves to surfaces where they can continue festering. Dark and humid spaces are magnets for mold growth. 

Once you are able to balance the humidity levels in the home, you can inhibit the growth of mold. A crawl space dehumidifier is the key to controlling humidity levels in the home. 
This in turn will create a well-maintained environment and discourage mold growth.

Pest control

Since excessive humidity creates damp environments, pest problems can develop. Bugs and all pests thrive off of moisture, so any areas where water is collected could potentially be a place for pests to settle. Homeowners are encouraged to be wary of any leaks as they could draw in pests like centipedes, mosquitoes, wood boring beetles, and termites. Once pests have settled in your home, you will encounter structural damage to your home. These pests can feast of anything like wood, ceiling joists or floor boards. Flooring, walls and the foundation can sustain damage caused by pest problems.

To avoid pest problems, you must contain moisture levels in your home, creating an unsuitable environment for pests. Humidity is the leading cause of pest challenges for many households. A crawl space dehumidifier balances the humidity levels in your households, which prevents pest control problems from developing. 

When you are preparing to install your crawl space humidifier, you should follow these recommendations to prepare the area. Any leaks or standing water in the home should be resolved. You need to make sure that your crawl space area has been properly sealed. Encapsulating the crawl space by covering the ground with polyurethane coating forms a barrier of entry for pests and optimizes the performance of your crawl space dehumidifier. 

Living Environment

Buying a crawl space dehumidifier equips you with the technology you need to improve indoor air quality. You can eliminate uncomfortable humidity levels in your home. You can control the conditions that could exacerbate allergy issues or asthma problems. In controlling humidity levels in the home, you can eliminate mold risks that could cause health hazards. 

Checking for high humidity levels in your household is easy. Condensation may form easily on window sills. You may see issues with paint peeling. Floors can become warped. If left unresolved, your HVAC system may have difficulty regulating temperatures. Other signs include higher than average utility bills. 

If you control you crawl space humidity levels and indoor air quality levels, you can prevent warm, moist air drawn into the home from rising. The crawl space dehumidifier captures the warm air, preventing the air from circulating throughout the building. 

Long term damage

Excessive moisture and high humidity levels can affect the overall condition of your home. They affect the structure of the home, which may be evidenced by the accumulation of condensation in doors and windows. Doors may appear to be misaligned. Rotting wood and subflooring damage can often be attributed to high humidity levels. A crawl space dehumidifier constantly gauges and regulates moisture levels.