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Effective Ways To Prevent Basement Flooding

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When you own your own home, many facets of your property should be inspected regularly. This is to ensure that you prevent basement flooding. Water can wreak havoc on the inside of your home if it’s allowed to seep in from the outside environment.

It’s most common for you to think about your roof and make sure that it is fully covered with shingles. However, other areas of your property can allow water damage to occur.

These include your home’s structure, drainage system, windows, and sewer line. By inspecting these areas it will help make sure that the inside of your home stays dry.

Inspect Your Home’s Structure

One way that water can seep into your home is if the current structure has become deteriorated. The walls and floors in your basement are a line of defense that must be properly sealed.

Have you done an inspection and noticed that there are cracks or other imperfections? If so, your walls may not have a proper amount of sealing, which could allow water to enter.

To prevent basement flooding, it’s crucial for you to have this area sealed by a company that performs professional waterproofing. They have the knowledge and expertise to perform this type of work. This helps ensure that your basement stays out of trouble.

Are Your Windows Tightly Sealed?

Do you have any windows in your basement? It’s important to examine them and make sure that you don’t find any holes or other areas where water can enter. If you find any type of hole, it’s best if it’s patched up as small problems can escalate into an unwanted disaster if they aren’t remedied.

The frames around your windows are other areas that should be analyzed to make sure that they are completely sealed. If they are made of wood, make sure that there isn’t any rot present. Wood can often cause a problem due to its tendency to deteriorate.

You shouldn’t have a problem if the window frames are made from materials that include aluminum or vinyl as these type of frames provide a solid barrier, which shouldn’t break down like wood.

Have A Sound Drainage System

To prevent basement flooding, it’s important to have a top-notch drainage system. This will include gutters, which carry water away from your home after it rains. These should be lined up properly and working smoothly and efficiently to redirect water.

If you stop and examine them and notice that there are holes or areas where your gutters are not placed properly, these problems need to be remedied before a large problem occurs due to excessive amounts of water puddling in areas around your home.

Water has a way of slowly permeating through areas if you allow it, which could cause flooding one day when you least expect it.

Is Your Sewer Line Clear?

Another way to check for areas that could cause a problem in your basement is by making sure that your main sewer pipe is kept clear. If you have noticed any clogging or materials backing up, it’s probably wise to have it cleaned out by a professional if you are responsible for the pipe.

Otherwise, you’ll need to contact the local department in your city that handles this type of obstruction.

Be Prepared

While these steps should help prevent basement flooding, it’s always wise to have a backup plan that you can use if flooding ever occurs in your basement. Also, by having a sump pump in your basement, you have a way to remove water after a flood occurs.

Heavy rains can often cause the most problems if you have areas that are inadequate at stopping water or diverting it. You don’t want to walk down to your basement and find it full of water. This can ruin any electronics, household items, and furniture that are in that area.

A sump pump will come in handy if you ever have any major flooding that creates a problem in your basement.

Staying Diligent

The cost to repair the damage that is caused by water seeping into your basement can be expensive. It’s best to avoid this from ever happening by following these four tips. If you ever notice that the construction of your structure may be questionable, it’s always a good idea to have it checked by a professional.

The experience and expertise of Fox Hill Construction can be quite helpful. Lastly, If you need to repair any problems in your basement by having the structure professionally sealed.