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Is Poor Yard Drainage A Problem On Your Property?

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Waterproofing your basement is an important step you can take to ensure that the inside of your home stays dry. However, there is another large factor that often goes missing. Also, it plays a crucial part in how water reacts with your foundation.

Poor yard drainage can easily go unnoticed until it’s too late. Water flow can wreak havoc on your home if it’s not carefully managed. Taking a proactive stance and seeing where rainwater runoff around your residence is imperative. If you want to make sure that the foundation under your home stays safe this is an important step.

Poor Yard Drainage Can Negatively Impact Basement Window Wells 

If your property has basement level window wells, it’s important to make sure that they are protected so that water damage doesn’t occur. These types of windows are highly vulnerable and have the potential to sustain damage if you have a yard with poor drainage.

Water flow will go from high points to lower areas. If your basement windows are located in a lower area of your yard, water may have a chance to collect and pool, which is highly undesirable, especially if it starts pooling against any part of your residence that is exposed.

Over time, it can cause severe damage to window frames and has the potential to start deteriorating your foundation.

Water Pooling In Crawl Spaces 

Water pooling can also occur inside your home. If you find any water pooling near the bottom of your crawl space, it could be coming from underground seepage. If this happens, poor yard drainage is probably the culprit.

Often, this type of problem goes unnoticed as most homeowners rarely check this area of their residence. Also, if standing water is not removed, it can start to cause damage to any exposed wood or other surfaces that are in that vicinity.

In addition, any standing water that’s outside of the foundation has a chance to seep into any cracks that are present in the concrete that makes up the foundation. These defects can become larger and cause considerable damage if the problem isn’t fixed.

Finding A Solution For Yard Drainage Challenges

Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions that can assist you if you have poor yard drainage issues. One inexpensive solution is to use French drains. These are trenches that are filled with rock or gravel. Often, they contain a perforated pipe, which is used to redirect any groundwater or surface water away from the area so that water pooling is prevented.

They are highly effective at alleviating many common yard drainage problems, and there are a large number of landscaping ideas that incorporate French drains into their design. This can benefit the appearance of your yard and keep your foundation safe at the same time.

Clogged Drainage Channels 

If you moved into a home that had a previous owner, you may already have French drains installed around the perimeter of your foundation. Over time, these structures can become clogged with silt or other debris.

These drains may need to be cleaned or even replaced to ensure that water is not allowed to pool around your home. When water drains, it will often carry fine particles along with it. This combination has a tendency to build up and stop proper drainage.

If you suspect that this may be a problem with your property, you may want to have an expert check the condition of your drainage system or offer a solution if you don’t have one installed.

Finding An Optimal Solution 

Do you have any type of poor drainage in your yard? You can see how detrimental it can be if it’s not taken care of. This is often the first line of defense that you can remedy. Lastly, this is so that your basement stays water-free throughout the years.