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Moisture Problem Diagnosis

Moisture Problem Diagnosis

Moisture Problem Diagnosis – As a home or business owner, you know your property better than anyone else. However, there are times when you know something is wrong but can’t put your finger on the exact problem. That’s where a professional construction company comes in.

You’re a responsible property owner, so you’ve no doubt already checked a few things on your own. Here are some common areas around your property where leaks can occur:

1. Moisture Problem Diagnosis in Your Basement

There are many ways water can leak into your property’s basement. There may be faults in the concrete foundation, cracks in the wall-to-floor joint or damaged or decaying masonry. Heavy rainfall can force water to seep through the porous concrete walls. Needless to say, the age of your property is a big factor in water leakage; and the older it is, the more water will leak in. Our professionals can determine exactly where the problem is and will use the most effective method to waterproof your basement, whether it be a drain, sealant, dehumidifier, or waterproof coating.

2. Moisture Problem in Your Foundation

Precipitation such as rain, ice or snow can, over the years, damage your home or business’ foundation. Water, or the lack thereof, can cause the foundation to either expand or contract. As experts in waterproofing, we use such methods as waterproof barriers, sump pumps and crack injection to prevent and repair damage to home foundations.

3. Yard Drainage

Maybe your yard is uneven. You may have low spots that become ponds following a heavy rainfall. Perhaps the water that flows from improperly-positioned gutters enters the foundation, causing cracks; which in turn, allow more water to enter. This can cause mold to form or even basement flooding. Outdoor plants that drain improperly can also allow water to come into contact with the structure of your home. Our professional technicians can determine exactly what method is most effective, whether it be trench or surface drains, to rid your property of standing water.

Moisture Problem Diagnosis and Solution

You know there’s a problem but don’t know exactly how to solve it. At Fox Hill Construction, our professional staff can work with you to determine what’s causing the problem and how to solve it. We’ll discuss with you how your home or business is constructed and the methods we can use to waterproof your property to keep it both safe and attractive. Step by step, we’ll go through the process of diagnosing the problem and ensuring you’re satisfied with our recommendations on how to fix it. Our courteous, professional staff will make sure you’re completely satisfied from diagnosis to solution. Call us today; our friendly staff is dedicated to meeting each customer’s individual needs.

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