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Interior Drainage

Home and business ownership has many perks, but also comes with its own set of responsibilities like consistent maintenance. One of the most common repairs involves resolving interior leaks. An interior leak has significant consequences and is often a result of poor interior drainage. Unwanted moisture from a leak is a source of mold and mildew and impacts the health and well-being of you and your family. Poor interior drainage also inflicts damage that wears down your foundation and compromises the stability of your property. The best defense against interior leaks is a strong offense. That’s why it pays to install an interior drainage system and waterproof your home or business property.

Interior Drainage

What A Proactive and Efficient Interior Drainage System Can Do

A good interior drainage system stops water from seeping through the soil surrounding your property and entering your basement or crawl space. At Fox Hill Construction, we specialize in the installation of interior drainage systems such as French drains. French drains draw the water that collects in the soil surrounding your foundation and direct the moisture away from your structure without expensive foundation excavation.

Let Fox Hill Construction Diagnose and Correct Your Interior Drainage

Sometimes it’s difficult to detect a leak. You may suspect your home or business already has a problem with interior leaks but aren’t sure what are the sources of the problem. That’s when it helps to call Fox Hill Construction to schedule an appointment and assess the situation.

Our expert teams will come to your home or business and examine your property. They will inspect:

. The basement — Most problems with interior draining first become visible here. Clues about a leak include cracks and bubbling in your basement’s paint. You may notice interior flooding after heavy rains. There may even be mold and mildew.

. The crawl space — You’d think a crawl space lessens water damage. While this is partly true, this important component of a home or business is often ignored. Collected moisture here can wear away your foundation and eventually find its way inside. Fox Hill Construction will inspect your crawl space for leakage and find a solution to the problem, whether it’s waterproofing or installing a sump pump to wick away the moisture.

. The foundation — Depending on the age of your property, basement leaks can often be traced back to trouble with your foundation. As it rains, water seeps into soil. Without proper drainage, this moisture erodes your foundation and can result in more significant repairs than the installation of a drainage system.

Fox Hill Has the Know-How to Correct and Prevent Interior Leaks

You can trust Fox Hill Construction’s expert teams to provide a solution to your interior draining issues. Techniques they may recommend include:

, Installation of an interior drainage system such as a French drain that surrounds the edge of your property to prevent water from coming inside

. Waterproofing your basement’s windows and doors wth fresh, moisture-resistant caulking

. Applying a waterproof sealant to your basement or crawl space’s wall and floors

. Installing a sump pump to remove water

Why Install an Interior Drainage Solution?

Putting in an interior drainage solution offers convenience. It avoids having to excavate your property’s foundation, which can cause damage to your exterior structures like porches or decks and uproot landscaping. An interior drainage system also offers time advantages. In most cases, it can be installed in a matter of days without significant disturbance to your lifestyle and day-to-day activities. Price is also a consideration when installing an interior drainage system. This kind of leak solution is less expensive than having to install an exterior drainage system.

Second-to-None Service from Fox Hill Construction

Fox Hill Construction serves homes and commercial properties in North and South Carolina including Clinton, Hope Mills, Dunn, Laurinburg, Spring Lake, Whiteville, Camp Lejeune and many other nearby areas.

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Don’t put off correcting and preventing water damage to your home or commercial property. If not corrected in a timely manner, interior leaks get worse over time. Take charge today and talk to the expert team at Foxhill Construction for help resolving interior leaks.

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