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A Home Dehumidifier Will Improve Indoor Humidity

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When you reside in an area that has a humid climate, it’s almost necessary to have a home dehumidifier. This unit acts similar to a vacuum cleaner as it can suck in air that is damp, remove the moisture, and then blow the dry air back into the environment. There are several benefits of using a home dehumidifier if you are in an area with excessive moisture.

When you live in certain parts of the country, you’ll be dealing with higher humidity levels. This can feel uncomfortable in your home. Especially if it’s summer and you don’t have a home dehumidifier running.

If you’ve been in this type of situation, you know how uncomfortable it can be to feel like you have wet, sticky skin.

Unfortunately, high humidity doesn’t just affect you. It also can wreak havoc with components of your home. The wetness that is present in the air can aid in deteriorating certain materials, which will then require replacement.

If this problem isn’t taken care of before damage begins, you may have areas of unwanted mold growth that occur in your carpets or drywall. This can severely compromise the space that you live in and create an unwanted health hazard.

While mold can be found in many places, it will start growing and spreading quicker in the right environment. This type of environment is usually full of extra moisture. The result is costly damages and even health concerns if this problem isn’t remedied.

A Home Dehumidifier Can Help

The air you breathe contains elements like carbon dioxide, oxygen, and nitrogen. There are also tiny traces of water vapor. When there is a level of high humidity, it’s due to an increase in the amount of water vapor that’s present.

One of the benefits of using a home humidifier is that it can take the excessive amounts of water vapor that are present in the air and extract it into a reservoir that’s housed on the inside of a home dehumidifier.

When a home dehumidifier is operating and the air has excess water vapor, it will continue to pull it out until the reservoir reaches a certain level. At this point, the reservoir will be full and require emptying. You can avoid having this occur by making sure it has a way to continuously drain out the excess water.

How Your Home Dehumidifier Operate

When it’s a hot day and you decide to cool off with a canned drink, you may notice that there are tiny droplets of moisture that have accumulated on the can. This is occurs because of the air around the can being cooled.

Condensation starts to occur on the outside of the can as moisture is released. The airspace that is close to the outside of the can becomes colder, which creates the components needed to release moisture.

A home dehumidifier works in the same way. A fan compressor, reheater and cooling coils help extract moisture from the air.

First, a fan sucks humid air into the unit. Then, as thew air cools off as it moves over the cold coils. This extracts moisture, which drips into a reservoir. The reheater warms the air back up and blows it back into the outer environment.

Benefits Of Using A Humidifier In Your Basement

If you’ve got humidity in your home, which makes you feel hot and sticky, it’s probably also present in your basement. This can create a bad situation in the future if you don’t find a solution.

When there is high humidity in your basement, it’s best if you utilize the benefits of using a humidifier. This can alleviate possible damage to drywall. Not to mention, it will also aid in keeping your home more comfortable so that you don’t have that sticky skin feeling.

Plenty Of Options Are Available

If purchasing a dehumidifier for your home, you may want to look into the available options and features. Here are just a few:

Automatic Shut Off Feature: This turns off your dehumidifier when you don’t need it, which can save you a few dollars.
Hygrometer Option: If your dehumidifier utilizes the hygrometer option it will tell you the humidity level. This option assists you in making any adjustments if need be.
Auto Defrost Feature: This helps avoid cooling coils from becoming too cold.
Continuous Drainage Option: A necessary option to have if you don’t want to have to worry about continuously dumping your reservoir when it gets full of water.
Adjustable Humidistat Feature: Helps when you want to control moisture levels that are present in your air.

Be Proactive

When you have high humidity, a dehumidifier can make you feel more comfortable. In a basement, it helps stop damages from occurring that can come from wall deterioration or mold growth. If you have high humidity in your home you should absolutely consider using a home dehumidifier.