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Types of Dehumidifiers That Help With Moisture?

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What Types of Dehumidifiers Can Help With Your Moisture or Mold Problems?

DehumidifiersDehumidifiers – Living in an area where there is excess humidity is uncomfortable and can lead to several problems. However, dealing with warm, sticky air may be the least of your worries if the moisture levels become too high in your home. Understanding the different types of humidifiers you can use to control high moisture and humidity levels should provide you with the knowledge required to live comfortably and safeguard against structural damage to your property, the buildup of mold or pest infestation.

Problems Can Occur With High Humidity Levels

Having a high humidity level in your home creates a damp environment. Unfortunately, this is a setting where pests tend to flourish and thrive. Ensuring you’ve got all of the areas in your home dry is imperative to stop any type of infestation. If you’ve got high humidity and a way for unwanted pests, like termites or mosquitoes, to enter your property, you may end up with an outbreak that will need to be dealt with quickly. Once your home has been invaded by specific types of pests, you could end up with damage to your foundation, walls, and flooring. Looking at different types of dehumidifiers and choosing one to fit your specific needs should eliminate excess moisture and provide dry conditions that pests find unfavorable.

Humidity levels that are high in your home can lead to damp conditions, which is an environment where mold tends to grow. If mold starts growing in hidden areas of your home, it can be challenging to discover. This can cause an unhealthy environment if mold spores start spreading throughout your property, and your home is also susceptible to structural damage if mold is growing on wood.

However, if you’re able to regulate the amount of humidity in your home, it can help thwart the possibility of mold growth. One of the best types of dehumidifiers you can use to assist with a high humidity level is a crawl space dehumidifier. It helps bring down high humidity and can help prevent the growth of mold on your property. Installing one of these units will likely give you peace of mind in knowing you can stop high humidity levels and the potential for structural damage.

Portable Dehumidifiers

One way to reduce the high humidity in your home is to utilize a portable dehumidifier. This type of unit is usually best for small to medium-sized rooms. You’ll also find portable dehumidifiers available that can work in larger spaces. Using this type of dehumidifier usually works best in a small room. Furthermore, unfortunately, if you have moisture problems throughout your home. You’ll need to look at a larger option that can decrease high humidity in several areas of your property.

Moisture Control May Start in Your Basement

Understanding the different types of dehumidifiers you can use to control your home’s humidity level is important. Using a dehumidifier can help you regulate and reduce the humidity that’s in the air. Also, using one in a single room or your basement can be highly effective. The type of dehumidifier you use may depend on the amount of high humidity you’ve got in your home. Knowing what signs to look out for can help you determine the best way to tackle your moisture problem. Here are some signs indicating you need a basement dehumidifier:

– Condensation accumulating on surfaces
– An odor of mustiness or mold coming from your basement
– Damp walls when touched
– Visible growth of mold on walls, ceilings, floors and other surfaces
– Water accumulation on the floor in your basement

Using a Crawl Space Dehumidifier

The design of crawl space dehumidifiers makes them easy to fit in tight crawl spaces. Then they can begin reducing the humidity in the tight and moist environment below the home. They are often shaped horizontally to help ensure they fit in the appropriate area. Also, crawl spaces can vary in height, making it essential to use this type of dehumidifier to ensure it can stay in the area without any problems. While you may have an air conditioner in your home that could help remove excess humidity. Also. using this type of unit isn’t as cost-effective as implementing a crawl space dehumidifier. Running an air conditioner to reduce the level of humidity will likely raise your energy bill. Instead of using this option, it’s best to use a crawl space dehumidifier to get the job done effectively and affordably.

If you have questions about the best types of dehumidifiers to use in your home. It may help to give Foxhill Construction a call if you reside in North or South Carolina. Lastly, we have experienced and knowledgeable specialists who deal with moisture problems regularly and can suggest a solution.

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