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Commercial Restoration

Commercial Restoration

commercial restoration

Any damage incurred on a property can cause a lot of stress and end up being costly and frustrating to the homeowners. The losses incurred in the case of commercial buildings are even worse and could end up having more costly effects. Luckily, there are commercial restoration services to assist in reclaiming your ruined premises and restoring them to normal function as quickly as possible. Typically, a range of several other services has to team up to achieve full restoration. At Fox Hill Construction we provide these services in order to best cover all aspects of commercial restoration.

Let’s look at some of the types of damage that we can restore:

  • Wind and Storm Damage
    • Damage caused by heavy rains and strong winds which can uproot roof tiles, crush windows, remove siding and wreck havoc on the exterior of a building
  • Water Damage
    • These accidents can result due to burst pipes, rain, flooding, or simply water leaking into a foundation. Damage can occur due to contaminated water coming in contact with furniture and other delicate surfaces, leading to mold growth and erosion. Electricity is particularly very dangerous when combined with water damage.
  • Fire Damage
    • Fire accidents could result from an improperly put out cigarette, a leaking gas stove, or even lightning. The damage from fire is often severe and can cause a property to require a full restoration.
  • Mold
    • Mold forms fast in the right condition and is highly unhygienic, not to mention unsightly as well.

Why is Commercial Restoration Significant?

We recommend that you contact a qualified construction company offering commercial restoration as soon as possible once your property undergoes damage.

Failure to tend to your damaged property may cause the damage to get worse. An exposed roof, for example, could let rainwater in which could, in turn, bring about mold or even water damage. A broken window can allow easy access by burglars into your commercial business for vandalism and theft.

More importantly though, any day your business is closed down due to damage, it loses money. At these times of dire need, no one is more important to a company as a commercial restoration specialist company.

Our Commercial Restoration Is Topnotch

Whenever a business needs repairs, they should seek the services of a commercial restoration provider. Our company will arrive at the scene on a timely basis, to provide relief for the troubled businessowner.

We’ll then assess the extent of the damage. From this assessment, we will develop a strategy on how to address the loss and restore the structure.

Next we close off any leakages by sealing them, thus preventing any more damage that could accrue. Any components that suffered damage beyond repair get disposed and hidden components that are damage get revealed and replaced.

Next we’ll remodel and repair various other damaged areas. We can install new fittings such as pipes, fit brand-new items such as shelves, or windows, and repaint or recarpet the structure to make it look new again.

At Foxhill Construction, we offer a wide variety of services which help to clean up and bring restoration of property after it suffers damage. We’ll help you get back to business as soon as possible.

If you are looking for services outside Commercial Restoration, we also have the following services: