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Mold Growth

5 Common Causes of Mold Growth

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Common Causes of Mold Growth

Unfortunately, for most homeowners, it doesn’t take much for mold growth to take place in your home. Once it happens, it can quickly spread throughout your home. There are several reasons for this rapid mold growth, even if you can’t see it growing. It can also lead to a lot of health problems and stress. It’s possible to find out the cause of mold growth and to remove it. Here are the common causes of mold growth so you can protect it.


Flooding causes significant damage to your home, most of which is costly and time-consuming. When black mold is present in your home, it can quickly grow. It’ll find moisture wherever it thrives. When you experience flooding, black mold occurs as a result. While it’s difficult to prevent flooding, you can prevent it from happening by monitoring your plumbing on a regular basis. You can also eliminate mold growth if you remove flood water from your home as soon as you can.


It’s not just moisture that’s become the breeding grounds for mold growth. Humidity is not only uncomfortable for your household, but it’s also the perfect condition for mold growth to occur. If a certain area or room of your home is constantly muggy due to poor ventilation, then it’s likely that mold will occur. One common area is the shower or sink, especially from water damage. Dehumidification and large-scale drying help remove the moisture from the air and any other surfaces so that mold immediately dies on contact.

Damaged Roof

Roof damage is common in the wet spring and cold winter. If you rarely visit your attic, then a roof leak can occur without your knowledge. Mold can also ruin the structural beams and roof decking that supports your attic insulation, roof, and anything else that’s present to mold.

HVAC Duct Condensation

If you use central air conditioning in your home, then it’s likely that you have ducts running throughout the entire home. These ducts carry air into each of your rooms to keep you and your family cool during the hot summer months. Air ducts are also breeding grounds for condensation, which allows a constant state of moisture. Since most of these air ducts are found in dark and hidden places of your home, they can also go unnoticed and can also cause mold growth.

Foundation Cracks & Basement Moisture Problems

If you have a basement in your home, then you understand the risks associated with moisture. Maybe you have an area in your home that’s always plagued with groundwater or is at risk of getting a small amount of water. The smallest cracks in your foundation can allow water to enter your home over time. Even if your basements are finished, you won’t notice this problem until it’s too late.

If you want to protect your home, then you need to be aware of these problems. Preventing these problems can take a lot of time, money, and effort. You have enough to worry about. The smartest thing you can do is consider professional mold remediation services the moment that a problem occurs.