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Avoid Pitfalls When Choosing Your Commercial Building Site

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There are many reasons why your company may require a new facility. You may have outgrown your current building and require extra space or maybe you’ve decided to stop leasing and use your own customized structure. Whatever the reason, one important factor must also be considered — the location of your commercial building site. If it’s time for your business to choose an area to build a second location or just expand the size of your operations with a modernized design, your company must consider a number of factors to ensure that the commercial building site you choose is appropriate for your construction and long-term needs.
Commercial Building Site

•  Physical Characteristics Of Your Commercial Building Site  •

The physical layout and surroundings of the area where you’re going to place your new structure play a key role in the success of your commercial project. The site must be investigated to ensure that all portions of the area are suitable for the type of structure that you intend to build. Commercial construction costs can run out of control quickly if important details aren’t analyzed. These aspects will relate to the slope of the site and the composition of the terrain. Both of these factors will determine the complexity of excavation for your site. It’s imperative that you make sure your building has the appropriate type of foundation as well as load-bearing capacity for the area. As a permanent structure that you intend to use for quite some time, you want to avoid any future problems that relate to uneven settling or water problems due to slab cracks.

•  Environmental Factors  •

The environment of your new building site is also an important element of commercial construction. Your new building will come in contact with the outside elements 24/7. Often, one of the most destructive outside elements is water.
If you decide to put your new building in an area that’s close to a flood plain, the city may include a building code that requires your site to include additional means for holding extra water due to flooding. These extra items will affect your bottom line as well as raise the price of building costs.

In addition, the same environmental factors may require you to follow specific building codes. It’s imperative that you use a construction company that understands how to waterproof your facility

•  Brand Image And Local Market  •

The location of your new building does play a role in it’s overall image. Does the local area match the image of your brand? Take time and  evaluate the other types of businesses that are currently in the area. Are the current facilities in the area complementary or unrelated to your niche?

It’s also important to consider the availability of employees who will work at your new facility. How far will they have to commute? If you choose a new site that is more than 10 miles away from where your business is currently located, it may be more burdensome for current employees to make the commute each day if that’s what you’re planning.

•  Other Important Factors  •

A number of other factors that will also play a part in helping you make a decision regarding the location of your new commercial building. These include items such as logistics, zoning regulations and traffic flow. Are you considering locating your new building in an area that may have accessibility issues? It’s highly likely that some type of local regulation will mandate the type of operation that’s allowed in the area where you’d like to build. You must be sure that the business you are operating meets those requirements. In addition, you want your customers and employees to feel safe. Is there a high amount of crime associated with your projected building spot? Take all of these factors into consideration when making your final decision.

•  Cost Effectiveness  •

The last aspect that you want to consider includes long-term financial costs. Hidden costs such as property tax, sales tax or income tax. Narrow your Commercial building site down to three specific areas. You may then find, that two of the candidates will require your company to pay higher tax rates or fees due to the economic makeup.

In contrast, it may be a wise financial choice to choose a site that offers financial benefits. Local, state and federal government entities may offer incentives for building in a specific region.

The site that you choose for your business is just as important as all of the aspects that go into constructing your new facility. Make smart informed decisions when choosing your new commercial building site. This will leave you feeling confident that your construction costs are kept to a minimum. As well as ensure that long-term costs and other aspects of the area are conducive to the positive flow of your business.

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