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Crawl Space Waterproofing Issues

Most Avoidable Crawl Space Waterproofing Issues

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Crawl Space Waterproofing Issues – The reason your noticing structural concerns around your home might be due to wet or drenched crawl spaces. Sodden crawl spaces also have the potential to impart severe health contingencies from the growth of mold. This is why employing an expert repair company for your home’s crawl space waterproofing job is vital. Some little-known factors must be examined and certain tasks should be performed when it comes to repairing your crawl space.

Here are the most typical waterproofing miscalculations when it comes to crawl spaces:

Applying Fiberglass as Insulation

Fiberglass is normally intended to be used for home insulation. This doesn’t mean it is to be applied to any crawl space insulation ends. Fiberglass acts the same as a sponge, so it absorbs all the moisture and liquid present in your crawl space. Mold and mildew will begin proliferating as this is the perfect environment.

Improper Use of Spray Foam

An added material typically used in home insulation jobs is spray foam. It’s seen as useful for insulating tight spaces, but not for crawl spaces due to its ability to trap in water and moisture. The liquid gets stuck in-between the foam and your wall. With the rise in moisture comes a rise in mold growth in the wood over your crawl space where it rots. This can lead to crawl space waterproofing issues

Leaving Vents Uncovered Can Lead To Crawl Space Waterproofing Issues

Accessible crawl space vents are extremely critical for air circulation in such areas in your home. A lot of people think that adding more vents is going to mean more moisture is removed from the area. Vents generally bring negative effects on moisture. An increase in the presence of water is just one effect that occurs in your crawl space. Making sure that every vent is capped is vital in lowering your moisture levels.

Incorrect Drainage System Installations

Another common problem in crawl spaces is the way leaks and pools of standing water accumulate. This happens in homes built with even the best building codes. Also, getting your crawl space entirely waterproof isn’t feasible.

That’s why there is the necessity for a drainage arrangement for draining the water out of the crawl space. Systems for drainage in crawl spaces can be made from different designs. It’s crucial to receive the best and most adequate drainage arrangement for your home as well.

It’s recommended to get a waterproofing job done by a professional for your crawl space. This will allow you to bypass any issues that could happen in the future. Lastly, give us at Foxhill Construction a call at (919) 384-6535!